GLH130-40 Beginners Sextant, Sold will be back in Stock soon, Email me for orders in advance.

Item Location:

Harlingen, Netherlands

Item Price:

€/$ 375

Item Description:

The GLH130-40 is a Sextant for beginners, non expensive and easy to use. It’s a Chinese sextant which is a copy of the CP Sailing sextant. Some of the GLH sextants have a bad reputation but it al depends in which factory they were build. The ones i sell are good for practical navigation on board and have all been carefully selected. These sextants are much better than the plastic models which are being sold a lot for sailing vessels. The specific models i have all are almost unused and are in perfect condition. comes with wooden box with all the tools and manual inside.

Color: matt black for zero sun reflection.

Shipping information:

Shipping varies depending on country and speed.
Enquire for loose estimate.  Exact estimate once item has been paid for.
Feel free to email with any questions.

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