Tamaya Spica – Professional Sextant

One of the best sextants on the market, even better than some german top models!

Item Location:

Harlingen, Netherlands

Item Price:

€/$ 650

Item Description:

Tamaya Spica professional sextant completely refurbished and tested. This is one of the best sextants on the market new they cost 2600 dollar with a standard telescoop this model has got the better 7×35 telescoop which normally is an 274 dollar option. The Tamaya Spica has got an error that’s smaller than 20 seconds even better than some german top models. Nice pelican style carrying case which is better on board then the fast rotting wooden boxes which are standaard with other sextants. All my sextants have been carefully selected by myself and double checked and tested by an specialist before offering them for sale. perfect for astro-navigation and with original mirrors. One of my customers had a fix smaller then 2NM and was very happy with his sextant. Perfect for learning navigation with use of sun and stars or use as a professional.

Color: matt black for zero sun reflection.

Shipping information:

Shipping varies depending on country and speed.
Enquire for loose estimate.  Exact estimate once item has been paid for.
Feel free to email dutchmarineexchange@gmail.com with any questions.


  1. I am interested in purchasing completely refurbished and tested Tamaya Spica professional sextant.
    Do you have an e-shop, or how do you go about making a purchase?

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